Lafayette Piano Lessons

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Laura Ponti   925 935 1797

Monthly Tuition Rates

A prepayment for lessons is due the first week of the month.  Invoices are emailed the last week of the month. 

Flat tuition rates remain the same whether it is a 4 week or 5 week month.  Full tuition is in effect September - June.

During the months of July/August students pay for the weeks they anticipate being available.

60 min. lessons for adults and advanced @ $355.00

40 min. lessons for beginners @ $285.00

30 min. lessons are available for the inexperienced  beginner only and for a period of 2 months @ $260.00 after which

4o min. lessons commence.

Check or cash accepted - no electronic payments


Lessons that are canceled by the student are entitled to a rescheduled class if given 24 hours notice.  If I have to cancel a lesson you are credited on the following month's invoice.


Rescheduled lessons usually occur on the weekends at a mutually convenient time.  I do my very best to reschedule your lesson but sometimes it's just not possible. Because rates remain the same from September to June, the five week months usually balance out any lessons you may have missed but were unable to reschedule.

If lessons are terminated by you during the month, that month's tuition is forfeited.


Lessons are to begin on time and distractions from siblings and pets should be kept to a minimum.  There is no eating during lessons and shoes are recommended since we will be working with the pedals.  Trust me, it's very painful if your foot slips off the pedal and you're in bare feet!  Chronic late payment can result in dropping a student from the schedule.