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About Laura ~

As a serious young piano student in the Bay Area, I was able to access the very best California had to offer a pianist.  My teachers were performing/recording artists from Europe who settled in the SF Bay Area.  As the beneficiary of this unique lineage of  world class musicians, I'm able to bring some part of that knowledge and wisdom to you as your private teacher.  I've got the secrets to unlocking beautiful piano playing.


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"Excellent teacher and perfect for all levels"

H. O'Connell, Oakland, CA

Laura is one of the best teacher I have had. She individualizes her teaching according my ability and learning curve. Always positive and encouraging, she gives me confidence in learning and mastering the skill. At the same time she points out areas that I need practice and improvement. Each week I feel I have achieved something and made progress. She has many tools to promote learning.

She makes learning piano a fun experience. She is the best!

"Love my lessons!"

L.Bennett, Lafayette, CA

I was really hesitant to begin the piano, but now that I have I can't imagine a week without lessons.  Studying with Laura has brought so much richness into my life and she is the best person to guide and teach me.  I'm not even self conscious when I make mistakes. Laura accepts everything and remembers what it's like to 'be in the hot seat'.  Both serious and hilarious at the same time these lessons always lift my spirits and improve my playing.  I don't think I could get all this from someone else!  One of the best things I've done for myself.

"Top notch"

Sydney, Lafayette, CA

Laura Ponti provides engaged and passionate piano instruction to students of varying ages. She travels from student to student to give lessons in a convenient location -- the student's home. Not only does this save travel time for the student, but the student also has the luxury of playing on his or her practice piano. Her already affordable price even includes gas money. Regardless of her convenience, however, Laura provides supportive, constructive criticism to my playing and always provides contextual background to the piece that helps me greater understand its meaning and how it is to be played. She very clearly explains techniques and methods to improve my playing. She is NOT one of those teachers who yells at kids and scares them into playing well. She inspires me to practice and I recommend her to anyone interested in furthering his or her piano playing skills.

Margie, Walnut Creek, CA

"We'll polish you up!"  That's what Laura would say when my pieces were pretty good, but could be better.  I've graduated from HS and moved away from the area, but I take with me all the excellent training my teacher provided.  I never knew what was possible as a piano student growing up (I started at 8,) but Laura did and she worked hard to develop not only my fingers, but my understanding as well.  I have been informed and shaped by my years of piano lessons and am deeply grateful for Laura's patience and good-will.