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Always wanted to learn to play the piano?

Are you an adult hoping to return to the piano?  Perhaps you're looking for great instruction for your musical child and aren't sure how to find the right teacher?  Positive reviews are very helpful, but authentic experience and skill are paramount.


Lafayette Piano Lessons has been providing excellent instruction to students of all ages and levels since 2001.  From complete beginners to people wanting to become reacquainted with the piano, my students have developed a love of playing that lasts a lifetime.  Whether it's performing at a school function or preparing to enter the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, my students have met those challenges successfully.

Originally created as "Have Piano? Will Travel!",  I provided  private lessons in the student's home traveling from Oakland to San Ramon.  Now, beginning in March of 2020 lessons are taught using an online format.  Everyone has adapted and no one has been disappointed.  In fact, many students now prefer it and comment that the lessons are even better. I'd have to agree with them!

          Why are remote lessons different?

Online instruction requires maturity and focus from a student.  With classroom instruction eliminated for an extended period everyone learned how to work alone, as an individual.  I believe it's heighten the students ability to follow through and complete tasks.  Obviously this helped with concentration at piano studies.  However, in terms of learning the piano as a complete beginner there is the subtle work of identifying and promoting the correct use of the hands and fingers.  A student with no exposure to piano lessons will find it very difficult to make the necessary physical adjustments from verbal direction only.  Therefore, I only accept students 8 year of age or older and there must be some prior piano lesson experience to build on.

~20 years experience

~SF Conservatory of Music trained

~All levels accepted

~Students must be 8 years of age or older

~Some prior experience necessary

Everyone has different physical aspects to work on...but we all must learn to use our hands correctly.  Unfortunately, this is too often left out of beginning instruction and even after years of lessons a student never reaches their full potential.  As I tell my students:

' wouldn't bring a tennis racket to a baseball game and expect to be able to play.' 

The same is true of learning your instrument!!


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