"Great piano instruction at your convenience!"  ~ S. Schoenfield, Lafayette, CA

Laura Ponti provides engaged and passionate piano instruction to students of varing ages.  She travels from student to student to give lessons in a convenient location -- the student's home.  Not only does this save travel time, the student has the luxury of playing on his or her practice instrument.  Laura provides supportive, constructive criticism to my playing.  She very clearly explains techniques and methods to improve my playing.  She inspires me to practice and I recommend her.

"Excellent teacher and perfect for all levels"  ~H. O'Connell, Oakland, CA

Laura Ponti is one of the best teachers I have had.  She individualizes her teaching according to my ability and learning curve.  Always positive and encouraging, she gives me confidence in learning and mastering the skill.  At the same time she points out areas that I need  practice and improvement.  Each week I feel I have achieved something and made progress.  She has many tools to promote learning.

She makes learning the piano a fun experience.  She is the best!

"Amazing teacher"  ~ M. Tollfelson, Pleasant Hill, CA

Laura is the perfect teacher for me.  She's SO tuned into exactly where I'm at-with how much I can take on, my skill level and my personality.  She's right on the mark and knows how to motivate me.  I have made more progress with her than with any other teacher. She is patient and always encouraging.  I look forward to my weekly lessons and recommend her for both children and adults.