~ Pre-paid monthly tuition @$220.00 for weekly 40 min. lessons.

 ~ Full 60 min. lessons are available for older and advanced students @$300.00. 

 ~ Invoices are emailed before the first lesson of the month.

 ~ A separate travel  charge of $15.00 is applied each month.

Tuition remains the same whether it's a 4 or 5 week month or number of lessons taken.  Students providing a 24 hour notification for cancelations are entitled to a rescheduled lesson.  Every attempt is made to reschedule your missed lesson, but occasionally it's not possible.  When this happens students have often found that they can pick up that lesson during a 5 week month.  When I cancel a lesson you are credited on the following month's invoice. 

Students discontinuing lessons mid-month foreit that month's tuition.