20 years teaching experience

 All levels accepted

SF Conservatory of Music trained

 Acoustical instrument necessary

My mobile piano studio has serious musicians and the very young just starting their studies.  The aim is to teach you music and how to learn to play the piano well.  This is not a cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach.  These are customized lessons that develop your natural abilities and strengthen any weakness.  Students in my studio generally stay for a very long time and openings are rare.  If you are shopping for casual instruction, this is not the place.  We work hard, have fun and deepen our love of the piano daily!

As a student I was extremely fortunate to study with the best.  Now I can pass that knowledge onto you.  Everyone deserves quailty attention and guidance while trying to learn an instrument. 

Confidence and a strong foundation are important keys to successful playing.

Schedule a courtesy session where you can ask all your questions and determine if it's a good fit!

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